Mapping the Mentoring Gap

Mentor Canada conducted the first pan-Canadian study exploring young people’s access to caring, supportive people – or mentors – when they were aged 6-18, and whether such relationships influenced different parts of their lives. The goal of the survey was to understand whether youth mentoring needs are being met.

The research was conducted by SRDC, a nationally recognized non-profit research organization, on behalf of Mentor Canada with support from Employment and Social Development Canada and Bank of Montreal Financial Group.





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Interactive data dashboard now available: explore detailed results on young people's mentoring experiences from our research study Mapping the Mentoring Gap.

With this new data dashboard available on our website, you can explore the 3 major research questions in detail from our Mapping the Mentoring Gap research study by refining data with respondents' demographic characteristics.

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Capturing the Mentoring Landscape

Mentor Canada also conducted a sector survey to understand the prevalence, practices and scope of mentoring programs in Canada.

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Raising the Profile of Mentoring

In our third and final study, we explored adults’ views about youth mentoring as well as their interest and capacity to become mentors to young people outside of their immediate family.

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