Broadening and Deepening Access to Quality Mentoring in Canada

Mentor Canada plays a coordinating role in linking researchers, service providers, educational institutions, service recipients, funders, and volunteers to achieve real collective impact. In doing so, we can make it easier for all young people to gain access to meaningful mentorship.

We crack open data on mentorship. We then use this data to create and open up access to impactful tools. These tools are used to strengthen the work of service providers and educational institutions across the country. Equipped with leading-edge resources and bolstered by our capacity-building services, communities and organizations with mentoring strategies can expand their reach to help young people in Canada thrive.

Our ultimate goal

Mentor Canada seeks to have mentoring accepted as a basic right to which every child and youth can have access to.

By our 25th anniversary in 2044, we hope to create a commonly understood mentoring mindset in Canada, enabling people to realize that:

  • Mentorship takes many forms
  • Mentorship deserves to be nurtured
  • Every youth has a right to be mentored
Understand why mentoring matters, what barriers are preventing youth in Canada from accessing quality mentoring, and how Mentor Canada plans to deepen its efforts in improving access to mentoring opportunities.

Read our Strategic Plan 2022 - 2025