Canadian Institute on Youth Mentoring: Mentoring & Mental Health

The Canadian Centre for Mentoring Research and MENTOR Canada will host the first-ever virtual edition of the Canadian Institute on Youth Mentoring (CIYM). 

The Institute is a unique professional development opportunity in the youth mentoring field and relies on a small group format to create a think-tank atmosphere to delve into program practices and innovation. Participants will learn about the latest development in theory and research on youth mentoring and mental health, engage in conversations with scholars and program staff, and think about how research findings can be applied to improve policies and practices.  


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Scholars & Speakers

Scholars presenting at the 2022 Canadian Institute on Youth Mentoring include  

Western University

Dr. Claire Crooks: Relationship-based approaches to mental health promotion: Adapting evidence-based practice to promote fit and relevancy for your context.    

University of Virginia

Dr. Noelle Hurd: Mentoring marginalized youth for mental wellness in the face of adversity. 

Other speakers include

University of Alberta

Dr. Christina Rinaldi, Scientific Director of the Canadian Centre for Mentoring Research  

Portland State University

Dr. Thomas Keller, Inaugural Visiting Scholar of the Canadian Centre for Mentoring Research

Ideal participants have several years of experience in the field of youth development and are seeking an advanced professional development opportunity. Participants are expected to attend three sessions scheduled over two days. 

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