Introducing the Canadian Centre for Mentoring Research (CCMR)

Created by the University of Alberta, the Alberta Mentoring Partnership, and MENTOR Canada: the Canadian Mentoring Partnership, the Canadian Centre for Mentoring Research’s mission is to advance knowledge about youth mentoring in Canada by generating and supporting rigorous and innovative research.

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Its objectives are to:
  • Work with scholars to generate original interdisciplinary research on youth mentoring in Canada;
  • Raise the profile of Canadian research related to youth mentoring;
  • Facilitate access to Canadian youth mentoring data for research purposes;
  • Foster connections and provide exchange opportunities between Canadian academics interested in youth mentoring and related topics;
  • Work with its founding partners to enhance the knowledge mobilization and impact of research findings and to foster connections between Canadian researchers, practitioners, and policymakers;
  • Help to mentor the next generation of Canadian scholars by providing research and skills development opportunities for graduate students.

Professor Christina Rinaldi from the Faculty of Education of University of Alberta is the Centre’s Scientific Director. Rachelle Tong from the Alberta Mentoring Partnership and Dr. Véronique Church-Duplessis from MENTOR Canada are the Centre’s Directors of Knowledge Mobilization. 

Do you want to become an affiliated researcher?

Is your past, current, or future research relevant to the enhancement of youth mentoring in Canada? Examples of relevant research topics include natural and formal youth mentoring but also social and emotional development, healthy relationships, at-risk youth and positive youth development.  

Become an affiliated researcher today. Graduate students welcome!

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