Join our January 2022 #MentoringMonth Campaign

Mentoring has almost universal appeal: nearly everyone agrees that supportive relationships that help youth reach their potential are valuable for young people and for our society.

Research has demonstrated that connections and safe, supportive, and nurturing relationships play an integral role in young people’s healthy development and resilience. Despite widespread support for mentoring, there is a mentoring gap that continues to exist in our society.

Over 1 in 2 young adults reported that they could think of a time growing up when they wanted a mentor but did not have one.

What are the issues?

  1. Too many young people face barriers accessing mentoring;
  2. Not enough young people know what mentoring is and how it could support their positive development;
  3. Mentor recruitment is a huge challenge for most programs;
  4. And the list goes on.

Mentoring Month is an opportunity for us to address these gaps by elevating awareness of the impact and importance of mentoring, especially post-pandemic.

Throughout the entire month of January, we will be celebrating the power of mentoring, and how each of us - individuals, businesses, government agencies, schools and nonprofits - can help grow the mentoring movement.

You have the power to help us raise awareness on the importance of mentoring relationships. Participate in this month-long celebration by sharing your voice. Download our Thematic Toolkits as they become available on this page. The first toolkit is now available.

Imagine what’s possible when we support the youth.
Let’s make this #MentoringMonth the best one yet.

Download Your First Mentoring Month Toolkit

Exciting News

Discover the redesigned Mentor Connector

As we kickstart 2022, we have a big announcement to make.

The entire Mentor Canada team worked endlessly throughout 2021 to deliver to the mentoring sector a redesigned Mentor Connector.

Mentors, youth, and mentoring service providers can now take advantage of a more enjoyable and seamless user experience. Throughout this #MentoringMonth, we will be highlighting some of its top features.

Now Available

Our 2021 Year-End Report

Wondering about the progress made in the mentoring sector throughout 2021?

Do you or someone you know want to learn more about how Mentor Canada can support your work? Wanting to get involved in the mentoring sector?

Learn how we worked towards expanding the concept of mentoring and ensuring that we empower communities across our country. Discover:

  • The public education campaigns Mentor Canada hosted in 2021 along with the toolkits now available for download;
  • The digital tools & technology we developed;
  • The key research findings and areas for action from our State of Mentoring research;
  • And much more.

View the 2021 Year-End Report