Join our #MentorPride series as we amplify the LGBTQ2S+ communities across Canada

Happy Pride from MENTOR Canada!

Communities across Canada are celebrating LGBTQ2S+ Pride throughout the summer of 2021. For MENTOR Canada, celebrating Pride means to acknowledge that the first Pride was a protest for justice, liberation and visibility. It means to remember and honour those who have fought for, and who continue to stand up for, our right to be who we are. It means to celebrate ourselves and to know that we matter. It means feeling seen in mentoring matches and getting connected with others who understand us and create spaces for our stories to be told.

For MENTOR Canada, celebrating Pride means to continue addressing transphobia, biphobia and homophobia in our communities, and to ensure young people across Canada have access to LGBTQ2S+ positive and affirming mentoring programs and services.

Follow the weekly #MentorPride series from June 21 to September 6 as we amplify and celebrate LGBTQ2S+ communities through stories and resources.

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What we need right now are mentors.

Mentors who show us how to be true to ourselves.

Mentors who show us to stand up for equality.