Mentor Canada launches its revamped Mentor Connector, the only national database for mentoring

Mentor Canada launches its newly revamped, first and only national database for mentoring.

Mentor Canada has found that having a mentor has an overwhelmingly positive impact on outcomes for youth. Research shows that mentors help young people to remain in education for longer, pursue employment, and contribute collaboratively in society. Young Canadians with mentors say that having a mentor increases their sense of belonging, improves their sense of self-worth, provides them with hope for the future, and has a positive impact on their mental health. However, 38% of young adults report facing barriers to mentorship during their adolescence.

Broadening access to high quality mentorship opportunities

Mentor Canada has launched a national tool that makes it easy to find a mentor and to become a mentor anywhere in Canada. Its digital platform, Mentor Connector, is Canada’s only national database for mentoring and it is improving access to potentially life-changing mentoring relationships for all young Canadians.

Find a mentor

Online and in-person mentoring opportunities are easily searchable from coast to coast to coast through Mentor Canada’s Mentor Connector.

Canadian service providers and educational institutions can list their mentoring programs and initiatives on the Mentor Connector digital platform for free. In tandem, young Canadians are able to search for in person and virtual opportunities that suit their interests and help them navigate life's challenges.

Join Mentor Connector

Mentoring programs are now better positioned to fuel mentorship opportunities for all young Canadians

Canadians who are looking to share their professional experience, knowledge, and skills to help a young person can find opportunities to become a mentor through Mentor Connector. Whether they can donate an hour of their time or commit to several hours per month, volunteers are able to find in person and virtual mentoring opportunities that fit their schedule through this free digital platform.

Become a mentor


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