This Mentoring Month, let's work together to close Canada's Mentoring Gap.

Let’s work together to close Canada’s “Mentoring Gap” during #MentoringMonth.

Over 2 million young Canadians are growing up without a mentor - we need to change that. This January during #MentoringMonth, join Mentor Canada in raising awareness and momentum around the power of mentoring. Every young person needs and deserves access to mentoring relationships to ensure their successful transition into adulthood. 

Not only will we be leading discussions around “The Mentoring Gap” and rallying individuals, government bodies, schools and nonprofits to take part in the mentoring movement by sharing, learning, and getting involved, but we will also be asking Canadians to guide the way by becoming a mentor today.

#MentoringMonth is the perfect opportunity to rally our community and speak directly to the positive impact mentoring has on our youth. But talking about it isn’t enough. We need to act on it.

Download the 2024 Mentoring Month toolkit

How can you help?

Guide the way. Mentor today.

Sign up for Mentor Canada’s Mentor Connector to find a mentoring opportunity close to home. Worried about the time commitment? Mentoring can be formal or informal, and in-person or virtual. It’s all about being there when someone needs you most.

Become a mentor

Important dates and events to remember

  • January 7: I am a Mentor Day
  • January 17: International Day of Mentoring
  • January 21: Thank Your Mentor Day

We also just released an easy-to-download toolkit. It includes:  

  • Suggested social media messaging and tiles
  • Customizable graphics
  • Statistics on “The Mentoring Gap”
  • An infographic 
  • A tipsheet on how to adopt a mentoring mindset
  • A mentoring quiz

Download the toolkit

For additional information or to learn more about ways you can get involved, please contact Jessica Sims, our Communications Manager at Mentor Canada.

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