Preliminary Youth Mentoring Survey Results

SNEAK PREVIEW: State of Mentoring in Canada: Preliminary youth survey results (June 2020)

REMINDER: The youth survey remains open for two more weeks. We need your help identifying youth aged 18-30 to complete our National Youth Mentoring Survey by July 15th, 2020.

If you are a mentoring service provider we need you to complete our Canadian Survey of Youth Development and Mentoring Organizations by July 31st, 2020.

We are excited to share the preliminary results of our State of Mentoring Youth Survey. This survey looks at the retrospective mentoring experiences of adults aged 18-30.

The preliminary results include information on:

  • access to mentoring
  • unmet mentoring needs
  • Characteristics of youth’s most meaningful mentors
  • Outcomes associated with having a mentor.

In order to help us strengthen the final result of our youth survey, please encourage Canadian’s aged 18-30 to make your voice heard and complete our youth survey.

We still need your help increasing the sample size of the report, and we hope that you see how valuable these results could be to your work.

Service providers have until July 31st to complete the separate service provider survey. Those who do will also receive a special “sneak preview” of preliminary survey findings to assist with your operations.

Please click here to download the document.