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Get listed in the Mentor Connector to access new volunteers

If you are an organization offering a mentoring program and trying to increase access to new volunteers, get listed for free in a new online searchable database, the Mentor Connector.

Once you have listed your organization, you will be invited to submit the various mentoring programs your organization offers for inclusion in the Mentor Connector’s publicly searchable database.

Canadians will be able to search for opportunities in your community or across Canada, engage in recruitment by geography, demographics, program type (online or in person, group or one to one experiences), and interests (sports, academics, culture, or more).

Mentoring will change the course of young lives, and in turn, change the future of communities to help create a better society in which children, youth, and adults can work, play, connect, and thrive.


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The Online Mentor Orientation is now available to help you engage and train new volunteers

Thanks to our partners at the Alberta Mentoring Partnership, we have launched a free to use, revised, bilingual Online Mentor Orientation. The Online Mentor Orientation was designed for potential mentors to gain an understanding of youth development concepts, child safety, boundaries, and relationship development.

It takes about an hour to complete and includes 5 modules and reflective questions on:

  • The basics of mentoring;
  • The importance of mentoring;
  • What kind of support you can anticipate from a formal mentoring program;
  • The role of the mentor;
  • The dynamics of building a positive mentoring relationship.

Over 19,000 Canadians have used this online mentor orientation to learn about key youth development concepts such as:

  • Core story of brain development;
  • Growth mindset;
  • Strength-based approaches;
  • And the impact of toxic stress on resiliency.


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