Time to activate: Mentor Canada gives mentoring a voice during #MentoringMonth

Every January, we come together as a community to celebrate the power of supportive and meaningful relationships.

Research has demonstrated that connections and safe, supportive, and nurturing mentoring relationships play an integral role in young people’s healthy development and resilience. Despite widespread support for mentoring, there is a mentoring gap that continues to exist in our society. #MentoringMonth is the perfect opportunity to ensure that Canadians understand the value of mentorship for the well-being of youth, and engage in having or becoming a mentor.

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“Closing the mentoring gap means working to ensure that every young person who wishes to have a mentor is able to access the right mentor, or mentors, capable of responding to their unique goals and needs, and to do so when they need it the most.”

Tracy Luca-Huger, Mentor Canada’s Executive Director

This year, Mentor Canada is elevating its impact by hosting its biggest #MentoringMonth campaign yet.

Each week, we will focus on a specific theme, discussing the impact of mentoring and how increased engagement of civic and corporate leaders, governments, educational institutions and individual Canadians can help grow the mentoring movement, ultimately ensuring that young people have access to quality mentoring experiences, especially those furthest from opportunity.

Over the course of January, Mentor Canada will:


Activate Youth Mentoring

What is “The Mentoring Gap” and why does mentoring matter?  We will take a closer look into mentoring and youth employment, mental health, COVID-19, educational attainment and a sense of belonging

Activate Mentoring Research

Breaking down the mentoring effect for black youth, 2SLGBTQ youth, youth experiencing disabilities and Indigenous youth

Activate Mentoring Voices

Mentor Canada will be sharing video testimonials from our team of ambassadors and inspiring stories from volunteer mentors across Canada

Activate Mentoring Digital Tools

Mentor Canada will also take a deeper look into Mentor Connector and the upcoming launch of our latest mentoring platform, Quality Mentoring System

Important Dates & Events
  • January 6, 2023: I am a Mentor Day
  • January 17: International Day of Mentoring
  • January 25 to 27: National Mentoring Summit - MENTOR
  • January 27: Thank Your Mentor Day

Ready to activate your networks during #MentoringMonth?

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