We’re rebranding: Introducing MENTOR Canada

After many years of collaboration between our Founding Partners, the Canadian Mentoring Partnership (CMP) is excited to share with you the next phase in our relationship with MENTOR - The National Mentoring Partnership (USA).

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For over 30 years, MENTOR has modeled collective impact and grown the global youth mentoring movement through tools, training, resources, and advocacy, generously sharing their experience and wisdom across borders.

We are excited to announce that we will be entering into an international alliance to further build the mentoring movement across borders. CMP will be rebranding as MENTOR Canada and will use the MENTOR heart, colors, and style starting this fall. This alliance will allow us to further our impact through shared messaging and tools that will help expand and enhance new mentoring relationships across Turtle Island.

We will be transitioning to our new logo and branding over the next month with a complete rebrand scheduled for October 1st, 2020.  Be one of the first to share in our excitement and view our new logo.

Beyond the extensive resource and information sharing to date, this international alliance gives us the opportunity to look for efficiencies and improved solutions and platforms that the mentoring fields in both our countries can benefit from. Possibilities include sharing insights on our new recruitment tool, the Mentor Connector, online mentoring platforms, training, tools and much more. We will continue to update and gain insights from all of you as these discussions of joint action progress.

Lastly, in partnership with MENTOR, we have also had the opportunity to engage in an international collaboration of mentoring champions exploring how to ensure that mentoring is built into COVID-19 recovery on the global stage.  This group has included those spearheading the mentoring movement in the USA, Canada, UK, India, Europe, Singapore, and South Africa. Together, we are coordinating a media campaign, including a letter, a video, a soon to be central website, and social media with #keepmentoring to promote support of mentoring across the globe. We are also planning an international Power of Mentoring virtual event on September 24th: Learning with Leaders: A Global Power of Mentoring Event.

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We’re excited for you to be able to engage in this work with us. The rebrand to MENTOR Canada and our Alliance agreement allows us to access not only the decades of wisdom reflected in their tools, resources, training, and expertise of MENTOR, but also key corporate, fund development, ambassador, celebrity and athletic relationships who are champions for young people and the critical need to expand and enhance mentoring relationships.

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